On a very small land footprint and low (relative) CAPEX, Blue Sky Bio's patented industrial anaerobic fermentation system, the Hygen Bioenergy Reactor (HBR) is capable of processing virtually any non-lignin (woody) organic input material to sizes that render for optimised microbial degradation and production of the biogasses: biomethane and biohydrogen.

Disruptive results attained:
Conversion-into-biogas efficiency = >90%
> Solid struvite fertiliser is chrystallised from the fully recycled effluent water
> 5 day residence times

Anaerobic Digestion (AD), the HBR's nearest conventional competitor technology, can only process:

Sewage Sludge
Food and Drink Waste
Agricultural Residues
Processing Residues

In addition to AD inputs, the BSB HBR can exclusively degrade:

- Ethanol distillation byproduct waste: Vinasse
- Oil Mill Effluents: e.g. Palm (POME)
- Sisal decortification waste (Sisal juice)
- Desert plants
- Whey wastes

Additional processable volume (global) at 100% market penetration: >3,000,000,000 tonnes

Based on available infrastructure, the HBR will convert organic inputs into high energy outputs on small land footprints to provide for local area, distributed clean-tech energy solutions.