BSB Technology History:

  1. Following the assessment of the Anaerobic Digestion industry, BSB Founder, Dr Nick Bartlett ascertains that the whole process needs to be restructured

  2. Nick Bartlett receives £250,000 grant from DECC (Energy Entrepreneurs Fund #2)

  3. BSB receives a £250,000 grant from InnovateUK for Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) and Knowledge Transfer Secondment (KTS) with the University of Birmingham

  4. Initial lab trials completed in University of Birmingham labs and at CPI Wilton - strong results call for scale-up

  5. A £300,000 fundraise constructs the Technical Pilot/Proof of Concept (TRL5) - BSB has recorded 18 months of consistently strong results

BSB Technology Overview:

“The more you chew your food the better you digest…”

Blue Sky Bio's patented industrial anaerobic fermentation system, the Hygen Bioenergy Reactor (HBR) is capable of breaking down any non-lignin (woody) organic material into its basic monomer format (<100um).

This increased surface area renders for the optimal input feedstock for microbial degradation in BSB’s patented, segmented, reactor system: an optimised environment where then mother nature can generate bioproducts (for free).

With improved control of each stage of the degradation process, high output production of competitively priced, bio-alternative products become available.

Technology Commercialisation Opportunities:

20MWe example of BSB technology compared to competitive tech

Projected results based on TRL5 commercial demonstrator results

Projected results based on TRL5 commercial demonstrator results

Examples of range of processable feedstocks:

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 14.50.12.png

Commercial Co-location:
The system can sit on-site with any large scale organic commodity processor (e.g. Brewery) and generate significant value for the operator and surrounding area.

The conversion of organic inputs into bioproducts, global organic commodity producers and handlers can now capitalise on a


commodity byproduct handling solution.