Nick has spent 30 years in Business Development:

Following his PhD in radiation Biochemistry in 1983 he moved to Marketing of Plastics working for Courtaulds BCL Films Division in Somerset. Thereafter he moved to GE Plastics European HQ in the Netherlands to develop the European packaging market using GE materials solutions. Notable developments in this period were the development of a reusable beer bottle for Heineken and a multilayer ketchup bottle for H.J.Heinz and a JV with PLM.

In 1991 Nick left GE and started his own company, working as a commercial agent and consultant for leading Plastics company Constar (US) and later Resilux (B) developing business in the newly opened Central and Eastern Europe area. During the 90s the business developed to a £30 million turn over, which served as the base for internal investments in local operations with the opening of factories in Hungary, Poland and Russia. During this time Nick travelled the length of the former East Block and did business in 28 countries.

In 2004 Nick was requested to take on the role of Product Management and New Business development at Resilux which resulted in the creation of a successful launch of a family of patented high value barrier plastic products which are still running today, adding significantly added value to the company.

In 2008 Nick joined a small group of entrepreneurs and started development of a new process for producing thin wall injection moulded PET containers and a new process for aseptic packaging and processing foods using ohmic heating. A joint development program with a major multi-national was suspended due to a company take over which effectively suspended the program for the time being.

In 2010 Nick switched to developing the application of electric fields for reducing fouling in sewage treatment facilities. During this period of 2010-2012 he learned the process of Anaerobic Digestion used by the sewage companies and realised the opportunity for redeveloping this poor performance and inefficient technology.

In 2013 Nick started Blue Sky Bio and the development of the HBR (High Rate Bioreactor) with the University of Birmingham and CPI. In June 2016 the technology development moved to the Thornton Science Park site along with the rest of the team from Birmingham.

The HBR technology has now been proven at pilot scale of 100Kgs per day and is about to be demonstrated at the scale of 2.5T per day in a pre-commercial line at Thornton later in 2017.