Jamie graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Chinese and Business Management.

With an interest in Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy, following graduation he began recruiting for the space, working with boutique the executive search firm, the Auriga Partnership and worked with Private Equity focused on Power & Infrastructure in Emerging Markets. Whilst working with Auriga, he completed a Post Graduate Certification in Energy and Fuels from Waste from the University of Lancaster to develop his own Waste-to-Energy projects, primarily focused on the processing of medical wastes into fuel.

Jamie came across Blue Sky Bio shortly after it had received its £250,000 Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF) grant from the UK government (DECC - now BEIS) in 2014 and joined them at the end of the year.

Jamie's working remit covers marketing, business development, commercial development, fundraising, investor relations, policy, regulation & legislation and IT (amongst others) - basically anything he can to make sure BSB is best positioned to have the chance to thrive.

Jamie is currently developing BSB's first on-island project on the Isle of Man. Using islands as small-scale city platforms, BSB hopes to demonstrate the possibility for distributed, island-sourced energy security and therefore (extended) independence. The environmentalist in him knows that there are plenty more islands that could benefit from this technology, that he will deliver it to them and also get to get see the world on the way!